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Michael Synn, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Michael Synn is a Board Certified physician who has been providing fertility services at Women’s Specialty & Fertility Center since 1998. This program includes the first and only regional in-vitro fertilization embryology laboratory resulting in its first delivery in 1985. Dr. Synn serves as the current practice director for the program. Among his many accomplishments and awards, Dr. Synn has received the distinguished Volunteer Hospital Association’s nationwide alliance “Physician Champion Award for Quality”. He has been appointed Clovis Community Medical Center’s Chief Medical and Quality Officer, the Chairman of Clovis Community Medical Center’s medical staff, their Quality and Patient Safety Committee Chairman, and a member of the system’s Board of Trustees. Dr. Synn currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for Santé Health System, the largest physician organization in Central California. He is also President and Chairman of the Board for Community Women’s Medical Providers obstetrics/gynecology provider organization. Dr. Synn’s passion and commitment to optimizing health care organizations and ensuring the delivery of the highest quality of medical care is very evident in his various roles. Even more so than when he cares for his own fertility patients where his significant experience in the field of reproductive medicine helps make dreams come true.


Michael Synn, M.D.
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