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Our Services

When you are in need of fertility care, our specialists will be there to provide you with the best treatments available.


We perform the entire fertility evaluation for women. Depending on each individual case, this will likely include bloodwork for hormone assessment, an ultrasound which is performed transvaginally, and an x-ray with dye that is used to assess the uterus and fallopian tubes. We also use the services of Valley Andrology Fertility Center for semen analysis, sperm preparation for insemination and semen cryopreservation.

Laparoscopy/ Hysteroscopy

Our fertility specialists are extensively trained in Minimally Invasive surgery, and Dr. Sueldo is one of the pioneers in Laparoscopic surgery here in the Central Valley. If you require a surgical procedure with one of our specialists, this will be performed at Clovis Community Medical Center in Clovis.

Insemination (IUI)

Valley Andrology Fertility Center is located next door to our office, and is where the sperm is prepared for the IUI. The insemination procedure is performed without anesthesia and it is not painful in general. We also perform sperm donor insemination, if indicated, working with registered banks in CA and nationwide.


WSFC utilizes its own ultrasound services for diagnostics, ovulation induction monitoring and uterine lining evaluation for embryo transfer. Our fertility specialists and nurse practitioners also perform early pregnancy evaluation before the OBGYN referral is provided.

Ovulation Induction

Each case is individualized with regards to treatment, and depending on the requirements the fertility medication may vary from mild stimulation with oral medication or may include the use of injectable medications called Gonadotropins. These medications are used to stimulate the ovaries, and may be combined with timed intercourse or with intrauterine insemination depending on each couple’s diagnosis.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

This is a high complexity procedure and the most advanced fertility therapy currently available. The entire process includes: consultations, ultrasounds, the IVF procedure to extract the eggs (also known as “oocytes”) and the embryo transfer. All stages of the process are performed in our building for your convenience. We are proud to share with you that our center is one of the pioneers in the country, with the first IVF baby born in 1985.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This is a technique used during the IVF process that involves micro-injecting one sperm directly into one egg, or oocyte. In most cases, ICSI is performed when there has been a diagnosis of male factor infertility based on the semen analysis performed during the testing period, or if the spermatozoa have been surgically extracted from the testicle by a reproductive urologist.

Third Party Reproduction: Surrogacy

WSFC has great experience providing surrogacy to women and couples who may have a uterine cause of their infertility or if the female patient is medically unable to proceed with a pregnancy. This would require the creation of an embryo through IVF followed by the implantation of that embryo into the gestational surrogate. As explained with the oocyte donation process, the screening involves consultations with our fertility specialists, our mental health providers, and our legal counselors.

Fertility Preservation

As a practice, WSFC is proud to be able to offer patients the option to preserve their future fertility, either because they are not ready to start their family or because they are going to undergo medical / surgical treatments that may impact their future fertility. Current treatment options include sperm freezing, egg freezing (also known as oocyte cryopreservation) and embryo freezing. For more information regarding each of these options a consultation would be performed to discuss which treatment may be indicated for your specific case.

Third Party Reproduction: Oocyte Donation / Embryo Donation

WSFC performs oocyte donation treatment cycles using either anonymous or known donors, as well as embryo donation treatment cycles. The anonymous oocyte donation cycles may involve either fresh oocytes or frozen oocytes and these options will be discussed during your consultation. The process includes the standard evaluation and visits described previously, in addition to consultations with our mental health specialists and legal counselors prior to proceeding.

Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A / PGT-M)

There are many reasons why a patient or couple may require the use of genetic testing of their embryos prior to placing them back into the uterus. This include a complex process involving all steps of the IVF process described previously, followed by the ICSI procedure for fertilization and the culture of embryos in the IVF laboratory, after which time they are biopsied and frozen (“vitrified”). As part of the genetic testing results, the gender of each embryo will be known and the couple may opt in or opt out of this information. Once the genetic results are received, a plan for a Frozen Embryo Transfer procedure will be made.

IVF Results

We are a proud member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). Click here to see our success rates. 

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